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Karen Maruyama Fansite

Pictures, videos, whatnot!

I've never met Karen, but Michelle has! :)

An American President

Karen's scene as Leo's secretary

World Cup Comedy

Karen is the subject of an improvised slumber party, acted out as a make-over show.

Whose Line is it Anyway?

Unnamed episode (UK)

Episode 105 (US)

Episode 217 (US)

Episode 235 (US)
Karen is a frisky granny with a crush on Colin, in Weird Newscasters.

The Jamie Foxx Show

Joy Ride
Gloria (Karen) organizes a strike (Part 1).
Gloria organizes a strike (Part 2).

Get Up, Stand Up
Gloria needs to find a date for Braxton (Part 1).
Gloria needs to find a date for Braxton (Part 2).

Musical Chairs
This clip is called "Karen Sings."
Gloria found a date...

Gloria and Braxton are hit by Cupid's arrow.

Suddenly Susan

Mrs. Fong is hit by a stray bullet (Part 1).
Mrs. Fong is hit by a stray bullet (Part 2).


Episode 921
Karen is the wife of a witness with an inept Chinese translator. If that makes sense.

The Simpsons

In Marge We Trust

Role: "Dancing Woman #2," as noted by
Notes: The scene with Karen's character is about 22 seconds long. It's a Japanese commercial for a product called "Mr. Sparkle." Mr. Sparkle mutters Japanese nonsense to three dancing girls, two of them say, (as the subtitles) "What a brave corporate logo! I accept the challenge of 'Mr. Sparkle!" Then, one says in English, "Awesome-a power!" I'm guessing this one is Karen's character.

Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo

Role: Japanese Stewardess
Notes: The sketch with her character is about 9 seconds long.
Stewardess: "Sir, it is not safe to use electronic devices yet."
Bart: "You're the waitress."
(Bart turns off his video game, an outside shot of the plane shows the nose of the plane dipping down towards the ground)
Stewardess: "Turn it back on! Turn it back on!"


I am not Karen Maruyama, I don't know her personally, and she probably doesn't even know about this site. I'm just a fan!
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